A natural user interface (NUI) is a system for human-computer interaction where the user operates through intuitive actions related to natural, everyday human behavior.

The word natural is used because most computer interfaces use artificial control devices whose operation has to be learned. A NUI relies on a user being able to carry out relatively natural motions, movements or gestures that they quickly discover control the computer application or manipulate the digital content.

The “Natural User Interfaces” (NUI) rely on technologies which allow the end-user to interact directly with the computer.
The body (voice, gesture, touch) becomes the unique controller.

Natural User Interface technologies will introduce revolution into human-computer interactions by permitting to go beyond the different means of interaction and, in the end, offering to end-users, young or old, IT specialists or not, the possibility to entirely enjoy the power of technology.


I managed in my workshop to produce multitouch frame. Open-source project, Community Core Vision (CCV), with suport of NUIGroup community, is the optical recognition software which drives the frame.
Tested on three different platform implementation, based on Java, ActionScript3 and C++, as a open source projects, demo projects or freeware applications from NUIGroup community.

Designing experiences that merge real and digital into a creative environment where people are invited to touch, play, move, feel as they do in the real world.


One of the projects with EyeClick, company with lots of experience in HCI gaming solutions. As a general representative for SEE, we managed to accomplish several projects with implementation of their solutions.